5 thoughts on “Farm Day Farmer’s Market, Saturday April 6, 9am-2pm

  1. Lori L Smollar April 5, 2019 — 5:45 pm

    I see your coupon, but do not have a printer or a smart phone. Will just telling theveryone cashier work?

    1. Lori L Smollar April 5, 2019 — 5:47 pm

      Sorry….. Will just telling the cashier work?

      1. Sure. The cashier will know about the offer and should offer you the eggs. If she doesn’t just remind her. She’s kind of goofy and forgetful. Also she is me.

      2. Lori L Smollar April 5, 2019 — 6:13 pm

        Thank you so much !

      3. Lori L Smollar April 5, 2019 — 7:44 pm

        Are the Heritage Chicken, Quail & Quail Eggs considered ‘Store Purchase’ to qualify for $20 store purchase & free eggs. I really want to try all your yummy foods.

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Location 3283 Longtown Road Ridgeway, SC 29130 Phone 803-381-8186 E-mail mayvokaty1@gmail.com Hours Monday-Thursday from 4-7pm. Farm Day Markets, the First Saturday of each month.
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