Frozen Chicken: good or bad?


You may have seen something like this in a chicken commercial recently. One of the Big-Four chicken producers is running this type of advertising, raising the question as to whether or not frozen vs. fresh chicken is safer and healthier.

Big corporations are not exactly forthcoming with actual facts and much prefer to use innuendo and the power of suggestion to get their point across. It’s clever and effective.However, it’s not always wise to believe what these food manufactures want you to believe.

chicken manufactures


Sanderson Farms provides us with an adorable way to suggest that their chicken is superior because it’s never been frozen. While we won’t be able to take on corporations such as Sanderson Farms, Perdue, Tyson and Pilgrims Pride, we were able to find a few tidbits of information from and

“Bacteria will freeze along with the food they are on when they are stuck into a freezer. The pathogenic bacteria on foods that cause human disease  are primarily meosphiles or organisms that grow best at around 37 degrees Celsius.  In a freezer at -20 degrees Celsius, their bacterial enzymes cannot function because the water inside the cell has frozen, so they cannot grow. It has been reported that if you put a raw chicken into your freezer (considered a slow freeze), you may reduce the number of bacteria by approximately 90%.  This is primarily due to the formation of ice crystals in the bacterial cytoplasm which then ruptures the bacterial cell wall and kills the cell, reducing the number of viable bacteria.  In many food processing plants, food is flash frozen in a way that fewer ice crystals form in the food so more bacterial survive as well (up to 70 percent survive as opposed to 10 percent).”

So it would appear, that freezing can destroy some harmful bacteria, if it’s not flash freezing. Oh, one more thing, the term “freezing” may not mean exactly what you think it means. This is the USDA’s definition of frozen poultry:

“The term fresh on a poultry label refers to any raw poultry product that has never been held below 26 °F (-3.3). Raw poultry held at 0 °F (-17.8 °C)
or below must be labeled frozen orpreviously frozen. No specific labeling
is required on raw poultry stored at temperatures between 0 and -25 °F (-17.8 °C and -3.9 °C). “

I don’t know about you, but to this Southern girl, 25°F seems pretty frozen to me and my popsicles.

Sounds sneaky to me, but Sanderson Farms has a history of being sneaky. In September, 2017, www.truthinadvertising.comhad this to say about the manufacture and their campaign to “educate consumers on the ‘truth about chicken’.”

“What didn’t sit well with NAD was the company’s snake-oil-salesman-like characterization of competitors that advertise that their birds have always been antibiotic-free, given ‘the lack of any consensus in the scientific community over the safety of consuming meat from animals raised using antibiotics’.”

But I don’t want to put ideas in your head or words in your mouth, here’s a link to the article; give it a read.

Sanderson Farms

Here is our guarantee, the chicken we sell you, is the exact same chicken we eat ourselves. It’s healthy because we know what the chicken has eaten. It’s safe because we process it ourselves and it’s delicious, because our chicken has a varied diet of grain, veggies, bugs and worm. And one more thing, we make sure our chickens get sunshine. We don’t’ know if it makes the chicken healthier or tastier, but it sure does make their quality of life better. We respect our birds. They live like chickens should live.


Joel Salatin has said “the industrial food industry is so cruel and horrific in its treatment of animals.”

He’s right and he continues,

“ our motto is, we respect and honor the pigness of the pig and the chickenness of the chicken. That means not confining them in a house with hundreds of others.”  Joel Salatin. We highly recommend his book for further reading: The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God’s Creation.

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