Saturday on the Farm

First things first. The girls have been working overtime this week. We’ve got quite a few eggs to get in the fridge.

The baby quail are insane. The brooder box is crazier than rush hour in New York City.

Moofoo is officially on the mend. Every day he gets stronger. By the time he’s 100% he’ll be so spoiled. But that’s ok.

Scarecrow contest entries are rolling in! No entry form is necessary just bring a family ftiendly scarecrow that you’ve created to our Farm Day, October 20 between 9am-10am! Our vendors will act as judges.

Wear your Halloween costume and trick or treat among the vendors while you enjoy the farm.

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Location 3283 Longtown Road Ridgeway, SC 29130 Phone 803-381-8186 E-mail Hours Monday-Thursday from 4-7pm. Farm Day Markets, the First Saturday of each month.
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