Saturday on the Farm

It’s hatch day here on the farm.

We’ve got chicken and quail chicks busting out all over! They will have to stay in the brooder box for a few weeks so they can get a great start on life. Since we do not prophylactically medicate our chicks, we give them a little extra care when they are starting out. We’d rather do that than give them medicine they may not need.

We’re setting up new quail pens to house our new arrivals plus the 95 juvenile quail we picked up in NC last night.

We are having a BIG sale in The Farm Store today!

$2/off whole chicken

$1/off May’s Better Butter

Our store hours are 10am-3pm today so drop in and stock up!

We’ve got a surprise for you! We’re spending this week getting ready for the Big Reveal at our Oct 6 Farm Day Market! Give us your best guess and then come out to the market next Saturday and see if you are right!

That poop is not going to scoop itself so it’s time we got back to work!

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