Saturday on the Farm with Florence.

11am and it’s relatively quiet. There is some wind and rain but certainly nothing catastrophic at this point. So let’s take a walk around and see what’s happening .

The boys are nibbling around the pasture. They are a little damp but clearly would rather be out than in.

The ladies are much more sensible and decided to come in the barn. Although Florence seems to be a bad hair storm.

Elvis and Honey look like wet dogs, but then they ARE wet dogs.

The rain has turned the mineral block into a salty soup and Libby and Moo-Foo are slurping away.

They are in full fleece so I expect the cooler temps and windy conditions feel great.

Lewis and Sacajawea have braved the storm to see what kind of creepy cranky snacks they can scratch out of the dirt.

Clark is strutting around the chicken courtyard trying to impress the Golden Girls with his bravery.

FYI, Sacajawea’s 9 baby chicks are safely tucked away in a brooder box where they will stay warm and dry during the storm.

Noodle and Bubbles are happy and having fun

They were both delighted to have an early dinner before the storm hit hard.

Wildflower feels left out

But don’t worry. She got supper too.

In complete and utter defiance of Florence, the Golden Girls decided to lay eggs in the food pan.

The Dominique’s took the defiance one step further and laid in the mud.

You tell ’em girls.

Uh-oh time for a new tarp. Glad the heritage roosters got moved yesterday.

Bo-Boy and Little Lamb appear to be unaware of Florence.

They just want supper. While Jake, on the other hand, keeps everyone in the big pasture safe by digging holes and playing in the mud

He does take a break to eat and then King Bird stands guard while Jake has a snack

Florence doesn’t intimidate Zoey at all. Is she sleeping? In a hurricane? Yep. That’s our Zoey.

The rain is picking up a bit and we are going to wrap up our feeding. Here’s one last snapshot of Dancer and Bingley, playing in the rain.

One last thought; we washed and sorted 8 dozen eggs. So if the urge for an omelet hits you let us know. We’ve got eggs!

2 thoughts on “Saturday on the Farm with Florence.

  1. Will you be having something on the first Saturday in October? I have a 2 year old in the family that I want to bring on a special day. I did not know about Sep. ”First Saturday” until too late. until late that day.

    My sister is Raegan Teller, Author.

    Thank you for the emails. They are enjoyed and appreciated.

    Thanks, Jane Cook 803-920-7362

    1. Hi,
      YES, we will be having our market October 6. We will have all of our regular vendors and hopefully have some special vendors for holiday shopping. We will have The Chillin’ Cow Ice Cream truck at the market for October, as well.

      We have our market days the first Saturday of each month, year round. There are a few months that conflict with other events and so we schedule our market days to avoid conflict. Those dates are announced on our Blog as well as our Facebook page.

      FYI, Raegan Teller is our favorite author!


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