Know your farmer. Know your food. Part 3: Rabbit


Rabbit, it’s what’s for dinner. Well, not in the U.S. at least not on a regular basis. It’s no wonder as a nation, we are reluctant to eat rabbit. Rabbits are the third most common mammal kept as a pet. But this is a relatively recent phenomenon.  Before WWII, it was common to raise rabbits for meat. Rabbits are a particularly efficient source of protein. In fact, for the same amount of food and water (and much less space) that it takes to beef to produce 1 pound of meat, a rabbit can produce 6 pounds of meat. This is better for the environment, the local economy, and because raising the livestock is so controlled, better for the nutritional value of the meat.

So what happened? 


facory feed lot
Aerial photo of a factory feedlot in Texas.

Factory Farms happened and they are ruining our health and our environment. At Hanna Hands Farm, we are working towards producing high-quality meat with a more positive effect on the environment as well as a healthier product for your family. Rabbit fits that bill nicely.

  • Rabbit is lower in fats than other meats with 6g/100g of meat.
  • Rabbit is rich in high quality, easily digestible protein, 21g/100g of meat
  • Rabbit has an excellent balance of fatty acids and is richer in Omega 3’s than chicken or pork
  • Rabbit is high in vitamins B3 and B12
  • Rabbit is high in minerals and trace elements such as phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and iron.
  • Rabbit is lower in sodium than many other types of meat
  • Rabbit is lower in cholesterol than other meats
  • Our farm-raised rabbit does not have a strong “gamey” flavor. It’s a mild, sweet meat that is similar to chicken, but not quite chicken.





There are so many delicious ways to prepare this versatile meat. Right now our favorite is Rabbit with Sour Cream and Bacon. With every rabbit purchase at Hanna Hands Farm, we give you a recipe booklet that has this delicious recipe along with several others. There is something for everyone.

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