Know your farmer. Know your food. Part 2: Quail


The Quail are here! The Quail are here! 

We are officially the only SCDA approved facility in the state of SC that is licensed to process both quail and rabbit! We have quail in the freezer ready for you to purchase and soon we will have quail eggs in the fridge.

Why eat quail and quail eggs? 


A quail egg, even with their small size is packed with vitamins and minerals and its nutritional value is three to four times greater than that of a chicken egg. Here are just a few of the health benefits of quail eggs.

1. Prevent diabetes

Some studies report that quail egg contains amino acid particularly Leucine which can help in regulating blood sugar levels and maintain the balance level of insulin that makes it a good food to prevent and treat diabetes.

2. Improve Vision

Quail Egg consists of impressively high level of vitamin A, which means that it helps to protect our vision and eye health. The antioxidant activity of vitamin A help to reduce macular degeneration and prevent the development of cataracts.

3. Raise Energy Levels

The long list of minerals and micronutrients found in these tiny eggs, as well as the protein boost of nearly 6 grams per serving, makes these eggs particularly good for an early morning surge of energy and mood.

4. Maintain healthy skin

Quail eggs are an excellent source of protein and it contains Lysine, an amino acid that helps to promote the collagen production.

5. Reduce Blood Pressure

There are a number of essential minerals found in quail eggs, and potassium happens to be one of them. Although the cardio-protective effects of quail eggs are still under heavy research, the presence of potassium means blood pressure-reducing abilities, as this mineral acts as a vasodilator, relieving strain and stress on the arteries and blood vessels. There is also more potassium in quail eggs than in normal chicken eggs.

6. Increase Metabolism

The range of B-family vitamins found in quail eggs results in boosted metabolic activity throughout the body, including hormonal and enzymatic function.

7.  Balance Cholesterol

There are a good amount of beneficial fatty acids found in quail eggs that many people enjoy due to their heart-boosting effects. HDL cholesterol is the “good” form of cholesterol that our body needs to offset the negative effects of LDL cholesterol, and HDL makes up more than 60% of the fat in quail eggs.

8. Treat respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Quail eggs have been used for eons to treat various remedies such as asthma and coughs. Not only that, they have been used since ancient civilization to treat psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial qualities of quail eggs have led to the commercialization of the eggs.

Obviously, they can do everything but cook themselves! 

But what about the meat? How can eating quail make your life healthier? 

Almost everything that quail eggs bring to the table, this poultry brings as well! With one significant addition….quail is high in iron which helps treat and prevent anemia.

Why not give quail a try this fall? Your body will thank you.

FYI, we will be producing quail and quail egg recipes throughout the next few weeks. Be sure to check back with us!





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