Saturday on the Farm


Believe it or not, Saturday is Twister’s favorite day of the week. He’s usually the shy quiet type, so we were delighted that he was willing to pose for this great portrait.

We’ve finally accepted the fact that Bobbie has appointed herself the Official Guardian of the Ducks. We don’t know why. She never fails to confound us. Still, it’s kind of sweet, don’t you think?


We’ve got several new residents at the farm. First, meet Bubbles our little Kiko doeling.


She’s so sweet and cute and cuddly! She’s also a baby, so we’re not sure when she will be ready to walk around on Farm Day Markets. For now, you’ll have to visit her in the back pasture where she is hard at work keeping the brush under control along with Noodle the Birthday Goat. Noodle, however, is not so happy to share the spotlight and keeps photobombing her.


She’s not the only new baby on the farm. Please welcome Wildflower, the Potbellied Pig.


Everyone on the farm has a job and Wildflower is no exception. She will be in charge of snake control. While we generally like to keep our resident snakes happy and safe, when the snakes cross the line and start eating our baby chickens, they have to go. Wildflower to the rescue! Right now she has a cozy new home with Noodle and Bubbles and spends most of her time eating her very favorite food, tomatoes.


Rabbit sales are through the roof! We’ve picked up a new wholesale account and will be delivering 20+ rabbits this weekend. If you’ve not tried rabbit, here are a few good reasons to give rabbit a try.

1.  Rabbit is lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than most other commercial meats.

2.  Farm-raised rabbit does not have a strong “game” flavor. It’s a mild, sweet meat that is comparable to chicken, but not exactly. If you’re not sure how to prepare rabbit, don’t let that stop you. We’ve got a free recipe book with every purchase.

3.  Rabbit has a very high percentage of digestible protein. In fact, it’s comparable to chicken.

4. Rabbit meat is a very efficient source of protein. In fact, for the same amount of feed and water (and much less space) that it takes a cow to produce 1 pound of meat, a rabbit can produce 6 pounds of meat.

That’s not all. We are hard at work expanding the meat and egg production on the farm, so let the quail farming begin! We have a nice starting flock of 40 quail with 2 dozen fertile eggs sitting in the incubator.


We are hard at work designing and building quail pens and rigging automatic waterers. The quail will be housed with Noodle, Bubbles, and Wildflower and we expect them to thrive.

We are adding to our SCDA licensing by adding quail processing. Our inspection is Friday, so we hope to offer quail and quail eggs in the very near future. As well as quail processing for all the quail farmers in the area. Let us know how we can help!


That’s all for now, but stay tuned! We’ve got posts coming up answering the age-old question, “Why does your chicken cost more than grocery store chicken?”





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