September 1 Farm Day Market

It’s been a fantastic summer! Our Monthly Farm Day Market has been going like gangbusters. We are truly grateful to everyone who comes out and supports us. We love meeting new friends and welcoming old friends. We are humbled and oh so grateful that we can share our farm with you.


Speaking of markets…our next Farm Day Market is Sept 1. Our vendors continue to amaze us with their unique offerings! This month, our new vendor will be Willow Oak Wicks, hand-poured 100% soy scented candles! With summer winding down, you know it’s time to grab some nice spicy fall scent to make your house smell amazing!


As always, The Knotty Path will be with us offering hand-made health and beauty products, as well as some gorgeous macrame! We find a new favorite every month!

Amy product

We feel like Terri Hoggan-Gratton is our hidden gem. Right now, we are in serious love with her pig paintings. I feel like there will be one of these on the dining room wall before you know it. Don’t wait! Grab one before we do. Check out her FaceBook page, Agape Reins, Unique, Whimsical, Inspired Paintings!


As always, AR Produce will be with us with a wonderful fresh product and a watermelon slice for you to enjoy and share with a friend.


Let’s face it, The Farm Day Market at The Alpaca Experience is more than just another market…it’s the only market in the area that regularly has writers in attendance. That’s right. We are happy to host children’s book author Lisa Anne Cullen and her unique Carolina Folktales, Little Orange Honey Hood and Three Wild Pigs. And yes, she does more than write the books, she’s also the illustrator. These are sure to become classics on your children’s bookshelves, so don’t miss out on having one signed by the author!


In addition, SC mystery author Raegan Teller (aka Wanda Craig) is a delightful addition to our market! Grab at least 2 copies of her books, one for you and one for a friend!


And don’t forget The Farm Store! We raise and process our own chicken and rabbit. You can be sure there are no antibiotics or hormones in our meat.  Our chicken goes straight from the pasture to the freezer, so no stressful feedlots and we are certainly not a factory farm. You can taste the difference in our chicken and rabbit. We offer a FREE recipe booklet with every rabbit purchase!

Market Sept


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