Saturday on the Farm

It’s Market Day at the Farm and we are ALL bustling about getting ready this morning for our guests. King Bird was up bright and early to get things started.

Our ‘Paca Pic of the Week contest has ended and I’m happy to report that Bobbie (C) was the winner, hands down. Be sure to check our Facebook page to see Bobbie featured as our Profile Pic, until the next contest.

Is Bobbie Crazy?

Bobbie is a hoot and is very pleased to have won. She only spit at us two or three times yesterday and has promised not to spit on any of our guests today.

We’ve got our information stations put up around the farm to help you understand more about our farm and practices. You can pick up a scavenger hunt in the Farm Store on Market Day and use the information stations to learn even more.

The Chicken Courtyard is open today, so feel free to stroll through and look at our chickens. We have different breeds, although not all the breeds have information stations yet. If you buy an animal snack back from us, the chickens would love a bite or two of carrot or lettuce. All proceeds from our Snack Bag sales will go to fund our future pavilion. We plan on hosting farm to table dinners, birthday parties and other fun events under this pavilion, so thank you for helping us make it happen.

Speaking of events, we are happy to announce that Noodle, the Birthday Goat will be out and about today, posing for pictures and eating watermelon rinds. Feel free to interact with Noodle, but don’t let me steal your ice cream!

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