Saturday on the Farm

We are always busy here at the farm but this weekend we are really hopping to get things in order for our On Farm Market , August 4. As you can see, Bobbie is shocked and not pleased. She was hoping for a quiet weekend.

First, we’d like to welcome some new residents at the farm. First up, to we have this lovely Peking Duck Family, Boaz, Ruth and Baby Naomi.

Ruth has already given us one egg, that was quickly popped in the incubator. We are hoping for more so we can have some ducklings romping around soon!

Next we have this handsome flock of Black Australorp hens and their rooster and companion guinea fowl, The Senator.

These lovely ladies have started their life with us on a good note by promptly laying eggs, chicks can’t be far behind.

The Senator is not your typical guinea fowl. He was raised with these chickens and has bonded as part of the flock, or as he likes to call them, constituents.

Lastly, we feel very fortunate to welcome this pretty little girl as a companion for Noodle.

She is a Kiko doeling and is so pretty. As you can see, she is quite photogenic and loves posing.

Noodle is feeling somewhat eclipsed though

However we feel like he will come around.

We will be running a Facebook poll Very shortly to pick her name, so if you haven’t followed us on Facebook make sure you LIKE us and vote.

We’ve been cleaning and organizing the dye garden and have plans for a Blue, Red, and Yellow bed along with several pots for green, orange and pink. It doesn’t look very colorful now, but wait until the dyeing starts!

Slowly but surely the peppers have been rolling in and we’ve been making bottles of Papaw’s Pepper Sauce. This year we’ve branched out and planted some jalapeños and golden cayenne. We are especially excited to see what the golden cayenne’s do for the sauce. Would Papaw approve of this? We sure hope so.

Lately, Merle has been feeling a bit under the weather and as the least dominate in the pasture was having a rough time. We so moved him and his loyal companion, Bingley to the rehab pasture for some rest, relaxation and special food to fatten him up.

Make plans to join us next Saturday, August 4 for our Farm Day Market so you can see for yourself what’s been going on!

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