Saturday on the Farm

While things generally move slower in the South, on the Farm things never slow down. Unless your an alpaca or goat.

Our weekend started with an uneventful fishing trip Friday night.

We came home with some little fish to pop in the pond, a few catfish to pop in the freezer, two roosters and memories of this glorious sunset.

Saturday morning found us bright eyed and busy tailed and we made a quick trip to the feed store to pick up around 1500 pounds of feed. We got hungry roosters to feed.

We found a great new food vendor and thoroughly enjoyed his awesome sausage and peppers. I don’t know what he puts in that sauce but we’ve got to have more. Cross your fingers! We want to get him to come to a market day as a food vendor.

Finished fencing the new goat pasture, moved the angoras, Willis, Libby, Ruby and Baby Moo-Foo and our Boar goat, Belle.

Everyone loved the new brush and tables manners were forgotten.

Moves Honey and Elvis to the new pasture to begin their careers as livestock guardian dogs. Honey escaped almost instantly. Caught and returned; fingers crossed.

Our girls graciously gave us about 7 dozen eggs today. We were thankful of course. Too bad we don’t have time for quiche.

Then off to the processing room to fill a rabbit order, and a cheeseburger basket from Millie’s for an awesome supper.

Home again, home again to find Honey escaped again. A white dog is easy to find in the dark, especially when she is proud of her escape tactics. Caught, returned to pasture. Escaped again but this time we found the place. Problem solved. Honey contained and finally the day is over.

Mr and Mrs Thurston Howell, III got mad because they didn’t make the society page. Sorry Howells!

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